A Jewish Roots Update

Who would have thought…

Here it is, just 10 months into the unplanned adventure of writing this blog, and Jewish Roots of Christianity has reached a significant milestone, of sorts.  having had more than 11,000 individual visitors to our page!

That is pretty cool considering we never intended to ever do this in the first place!

Here is a brief update and look back.

11 000 visitors in 10 months circled
Count per Day – April 20 2016 – 11 AM


These 11 000+ visitors came from well over a 100 different countries or territories! 

112 countries 20.04.2016
The 212 countries and territories our visitors are from

For those who haven’t heard the story behind how the Jewish Roots of Christianity web site was created, it came about because people who were not on Facebook (where the first of these articles were posted as “Notes”), wanted to be able to read them. These were Gentile Christians wanting to understand the roots of their faith better.  Okay, that seemed pretty easy; we could just put them on a free WordPress site which is what we did.

JrofC header
The Header from Jewish Roots of Christianity’s first WordPress site

The problem was, the url was cumbersome and the template inflexible.  When we had over 1500 visitors in just 5 weeks, we realized there was an interest in what we were writing.

JRofC - 5 weeks - 1500 visitors

So we uploaded it to its current server, and Jewish Roots of Christianity, the blog, began.  That was June 11, 2015.

People were asking if we had ‘cards’ with the website url on it, which we didn’t, so we printed those.

JRofC1 business card design
Jewish Roots of Christianity website cards

And so it began…

More than 11, 000 people from 112 countries later, here we are; writing about Jewish Sabbaths and holy days, life in the first century and current events in the Land in light of Scripture.

We are glad that you have been visiting and returning and hope our articles continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to you.