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Welcome to the home of Jewish Roots of Christianity – a Messianic Perspective; a blog exploring  a variety of topics relevant to both Jewish believers and Gentile Christians today. The articles on this site are written by two Messianic Jews – one who has been a believer for 35+ years.

The purpose of this site, is to help Gentile Christians learn more about the Jewish roots of their faith.

Some of the topics we explore include the historic practices of the early Jewish believers, the customs and teachings of Jesus as understood from a first century Jewish perspective, as well as the cultural and religious aspects of interactions between Jewish believers and Gentile Christians in the Church — both in Biblical times and today.  We love to share how we celebrate Biblical festivals and the Sabbath (called ‘shabbat’), as well as other Jewish observances so there will be some posts about that too.

We tried to make this site easy to navigate so that you can find the posts of most interest to you.  A full list of our articles appears on the right and there is a search bar below that.  A summary of our most recent articles (with embedded links) is in the Table of Contents, which appears as the first post, at the right.  On the left hand side are the articles listed by the month in which they were published.

It is our hope that as you consider these posts that your faith will be enriched and that through dialogue together, we as Jewish believers and Gentile Christians can relate in a way that doesn’t require either of us to become like the other, in order to live in unity.

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We hope you find this site informative and helpful and if you’d like, do feel free to share links to any individual posts or to this blog.

Shalom !



“The vital issue is for the Church to decide whether to look for roots in Judaism and consider itself an extension of Judaism or to look for roots in pagan Hellenism and consider itself as an antithesis to Judaism”

~ Abraham Herschel